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Video Salesletter Script

Instructions:This is a video salesletter script/template that has been tried and proven in dozens of my own sales videos. When you see ​orange​,it means you need to make a ​decision​between two or more ideas or decide whether or not to include an optional statement. When you see ​red​,it means you need to replace it with whatever it is asking. Many of the answers on this script will come from work we’ve done in past worksheets (Needs / Desires, Customer Avatar, etc). ​POWER TIP: When inserting benefits, try to use the magic word “YOU” as much as you can.

Attention Grabber # 1

How would you like to ​(insert major benefit)​?

What if you could ​(insert major benefit #2)​without ​(Negatives; things they really don’t want to do).​?

Imagine ​(insert major benefit #3)​?

Attention Grabber #2

Finally, there’s a better way to ​(insert major benefit)​<OR> What if I could show you a better way to ​(insert major benefit)​?

No ​(pain point #1)​… <OR> By not ​(pain point/activity #1)…

…No ​(pain point #2)​… <OR> Or having to ​(pain point #2)…

…and in this video, I’m going to share it with you.

Attention Grabber #3

Have you ever experienced this before?

(Paint the picture of your avatars biggest pain point / issue)

If you can relate to this, don’t worry, I have something you’re going to want to see…

In this video, I’m going to share with you…

  • How to ​(Insert #1 Benefit)​without ​(Negatives; things they really don’t want to do).
    • Give analogy.
  • Example 1: It’s like to being able to press the easy button for the very first time …
  • Example 2: This is your secret weapon to bulldozing through the (insert pain point)
  • Example 3: It’s like being able to put your success on cruise control…
  • The #1 ​(Counter­productive thing)​you must ​avoid/stop​doing if you want ​(goal)​…
  • My step­by­step ​method/process/strategies/principles/techniques​to ​(another goal)​….


“I mean…” / “Let me ask you a question…” / “In all seriousness”)…

Can you imagine never having to worry about ​(insert #1 major pain point)​or ​(second major pain point)?

What would that do for you? ​(<OR>​your _______________

/playing/business/company/golf swing/body/lifestyle?)

Now before moving forward, it’s key that you pay really close attention to what I’m going to share with you in this video.

It could mean the difference between​(main or secondary benefit ­ “taking your business to the next level”)​or continuing to ​(main or secondary pain point / “struggle aimlessly, wondering where your next client will come from”)​…

… Because I’m going to be giving you some essential ingredients here that you’ll be able to ​implement/think about/brainstorm/put into action​right way.


Also, I can’t promise how long this video will be available so you’ll want to watch it now.

Ok so let’s begin…

<Optional Transition: “If you’re like many of my clients/customers/patients/students…”> Perhaps you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun, when it comes to ​(insert topic/aim/goal)​and for one reason or another, you can’t seem to ​(major benefit).

You’ve likely been disappointed that no matter how much you try to ​(insert desire ­ “get new customers”)​,you can’t seem to figure it out.

Well, by the end of this presentation, I’m going to share with you tested and proven (strategies/tactics/techniques/principles/method/process)​to ​(Insert #1 Benefit).

The truth is…

I wasn’t always an ​expert/coach/thought leader/consultant/trainer ​inthe ​(topic) industry/space/world.

In fact, the first time I… ​(attempted to achieve benefit/goal)​,I ​(failed miserably / couldn’t even _____________; empathize with avatar’s main painpoint).

Despite what some people think, I haven’t always been ​(your credentials… expert/coach/thought leader/#1 _______)​.I wasn’t born a natural ​ (what

you do ­ athlete, musician, sales expert)​… ​”Not at all”/”far from that”/”if you only knew.”

(Insert Story) “I was much like you…” (Empathize; tell brief story that relates to the pain, frustration, headache, troubles and how you or client/case study overcame).

Despite knowing what I know now, I can understand how frustrating it might be to ​(insert painpoint).

Luckily for me, through a lot of trial and error I’ve developed a ​system/method/set of strategies​that ​(insert main benefit).

This is the system I’ve used to ​(goal)​while ​(secondary benefit that is usually sacrificed; but now they can ​have it all).

I want you to imagine for a second​that you’ve taken heed to my words and you’ve taken massive action on what I’m going to ask you to do today…

Picture in your mind…

(Paint a picture of your avatar after they’ve implemented your strategies. This is called future pacing.)

Now I’ll share all of these strategies with you in a second but first, I’m going to share with you some insider information…

This is typically the root cause of the issues you face today.

If you’re watching this presentation, it’s not because you’re looking for a shortcut or easy button.

No, more than likely, it’s because you’ve ​left no stone unturned / been at this a while / tried your best / put in the time​and you’re determined to overcome ​(insert problem).

Like many of my ​(clients/students/customers)​,you’ve been conditioned to believe…

[Share #1 myth your avatar believes that’s not true, inhibiting, limiting]

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth…

Sure, it’s great for the(insert villain ­ other experts, the establishment, corporate America, e.g. ­ “pharmaceutical industry,”)because(insert main reason/benefit of why they want you to believe this),however it’s absolutely horrible/defeating/counter­productive/inhibiting​for the person who is actually trying to (insert topic / aim /goal).

Do not accept this as the truth… / It doesn’t have to be this way… / There is, indeed, a better way…

If you do, you’ll more than likely continue ​(insert pain point).

<Insert Optional Quote: After all, “if you want what you’ve never had, you need to do what you’ve never done.”>

Luckily, as of today you won’t fall victim to this any longer and by refusing to believe (insert myth)​,you’ll be that much closer to ​(insert topic/aim/goal).

<Optional transition: “I mean, really…” / “I mean, seriously…” / “I mean, really think about it”>…

How amazing it would be to have access to the exact strategies, tips, and tactics that would virtually ensure your success, and ultimately give you the ability to ​(major benefit or secondary benefit).

This is what I’ve done for myself… this is what I’ve done for clients. And this is what I can do for you.

As promised, I want to share some of my strategies with you today.

Strategies/tactics/techniques/principles​that will ​(insert a benefit)​and have you (action­oriented benefit) ​faster than you ever thought possible..

Ok let’s jump right into strategy #1…

[Insert #1 thing they must avoid / stop doing / mistake / wrong focus / wrong activity]

Ok let’s get into Strategy #2…

[Insert Strategy #2 here ­ don’t get too deep but be helpful; cover the “what” but perhaps not the “how.”]

And Finally Strategy #3…

[Insert Strategy #3 here ­ some “aha” that can increase the tempo and excitement towards your call to action]

I think you’ll agree that you can find a massive amount of value inside this presentation.

But you may also feel overwhelmed with it all, which is totally understandable.

In the next few minutes I’m going to share exactly how my ​(students/clients) ​have ​(main

benefit/ secondary benefit)​without fail…

Hi I’m ​(FULL NAME)​,​(LIST QUICK CREDENTIAL; what you’ve done, who you’ve taught, etc. e.g. ­ ​“and I’ve taught hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world how to play the piano by ear.”)

I’m also the ​creator/founder ​of the ​(insert product, process title, or organization here).

<INSERT YOUR PRODUCT USP HERE ­ The thing that separates you and your process from the rest; if you can say “the only _______ to _______,” you’re close to a great USP).>

I invite you to take a few moments to check it out for yourself.

What I’ve done is make ​(product, process, end­goal)​as easy to ​follow/implement​as possible.

This ​(course/program/process)​includes some of our most advanced/comprehensive/complete​material on ​(insert topic / aim /goal).

So, if you really want to:

Benefit #1

Benefit #2

Benefit #3

And best of all…

Benefit #4

…then I truly believe you’ve found what you’re looking for.

(Insert product or process title here)​has been tested and proven to work. If you’re looking to experience these results for yourself, then my (course/program/process/system)​is for you.

**************************************************************************************************** Use this section when selling Digital or Physical Products ****************************************************************************************************

As you might imagine…

(Insert course/program/process/product/system)​has been cleverly designed with you in mind…

  • Feature/Benefit
  • Feature/Benefit
  • Feature/Benefit
  • Feature/Benefit
  • Feature/Benefit

And this ​revolutionary/step­by­step/one­of­a­kind/comprehensive​system can work for you, EVEN IF:

  • Objection #1
  • Objection #2
  • Objection #3
  • Objection #4
  • Objection #5
  • Objection #6
  • Objection #7

Or even…

Bigger Objection #8

(Insert product or process title here)​is a program that may not be suitable for ….

  • (Specify exactly who this course/program is not for; this will make your target audience even more confident you’re for them; choose the opposite qualities and traits of your target audience).
  • Eg ­ This is an advanced course, this course may not be suitable for beginners. ​Recommend appropriate course if available.

(Insert product or process title here)​isa system that ​(repeat unique selling proposition).

This is the direct result of years of study and years of digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works.

Now, the best thing about this system is that it:

[Insert 3­5 more benefits]

People/men/women/students/marketers/entrepreneurs​of all ages and all skill levels from countries around the world have used our ​(course/program/process)​to get great results. Let’s take a look.

Testimonial #1

Testimonial #2

Testimonial #3

If you’re looking for the easiest way to ​(insert topic / aim /goal)​,​(insert product)​is your answer…


Now, you may be thinking, ​“Ibet any System that can give me all of THAT would cost a small fortune”

And, in all honesty? It really should. (I’ll get to how much it costs in a second.)

Let me explain. We have already helped over ​(x number of students / countless / many) people/niche/student/”doctors”/”accountants”/”entrepreneurs”​​around the world / in <region> / in <industry>,​reach their goal.

Our system has been proven to work, and for good reason too. The (Product/process/program name) is the only course/program on the market that:

  • Unique feature #1
  • Unique feature #2
  • Unique feature #3

Think about it for a moment… by simply following the strategies inside of our (course/program/process)​you could go from ​(insert painpoint)​to ​(major benefit).

You’ll start to ​(secondary benefit)​without ​(negative/inconvenient/undesirous action)…

You’ll be able to ​(major benefit).

This ​(Product/System/Program/Process)​could easily be sold for ​(multiply your sales price by 5).

Wouldn’t you agree that discovering the secrets to ​(insert topic/aim/goal)​with ease would be well worth ​(multiply price by 8)​or even ​(multiply price by 10)?

(Don’t worry, you won’t pay anywhere near that price today.)

I invite you to take a look inside of our ​(course/program/process)​and see why everyone’s calling it their go­to resource.

On ​(page x/module x/week x),​we’ll cover the ​(use ​coined phraseof your best nugget/tip; if you don’t “name” your strategies, start doing it!)​strategy…

Let me explain.

<In a few paragraphs, describe the strategy and it’s importance (don’t go off on the deep end; this is a greased slide; keep momentum towards the close but push them over the top with this one). Don’t be afraid to give away your best nugget.>

If you’re looking for the most ​efficient/fastest/easiest​to ​(insert topic/aim/goal), ​then you’ve probably already figured out that ​(insert product name) ​isnot just “an” answer… it “IS” your answer.

The price of ​(insert product or process title here)​sold by itself is ​(insert price)​.However you won’t just be getting ​(insert product or process title here) ​today.

Just for watching this entire presentation today, I’d like to give ​(X Number)​of bonuses when you ​take action right now:

Bonus (Insert name of bonus)

You’re going to discover how to ​(main benefit of bonus).​This includes:

  • Feature/Secondary Benefit
  • Feature/Secondary Benefit

It’s normally valued at ​XPRICE​… yours FREE today!

(Repeat for each bonus. 2­3 bonuses or more will be ideal to increase perceived value of offer.)

(Insert product or process title here)​has a retail value of ​(repeat price)​and that’s excluding all of the bonuses…

And, when you add in the bonuses, the entire system is valued at ​(value of program +

sum of each bonus value)​…

Yet, that’s not the price I have for you today.


You could just walk away now, use the notes that you’ve taken today and try to figure the rest out on your own and end up spending ​(x dollar amount)​on ​(unfavorable alternative).

Or worse…

You could ultimately end up ​(Insert a pain point or eventual fate of them continuing down the path that they’re on. ​Twist the knife).


This is not what I desire for you. And I know it’s not what you desire for yourself.

This means, you won’t pay ​(value of program + sum of each bonus value).

Your total investment today, including everything you see on screen is only ​(insert special offer “BUY NOW” price).

And the best part is this:

You are protected by our ​(insert company name)​guarantee. So there is no way you can lose.

Here is my promise to you. If you go through the ​(insert product or process title here) and honestly feel I’ve wasted your time or you weren’t able to find any value, send me an email ​(or call phone #)​and I’ll gladly refund you. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

I want you to look below this video right now:

Click on the button that says ​(“Add to Cart” / “Register Now” / “Get Started Now” / Button Name)​and lock in your special rate today.

Plus: If you act now, before this presentation ends…

I will give you access to a special limited­time bonus worth ​(insert dollar amount)​for Free!

This is a one­time only deal so don’t miss out.

Order now, and receive ​(Insert name of secret bonus) ​absolutely free.

This is your secret to ​(main benefit of bonus).​This includes learning to:

  • Feature/Secondary Benefit
  • Feature/Secondary Benefit
  • Feature/Secondary Benefit

This ​(Secret Bonus) ​together with ​(insert other bonus names or quick reference to them) and ​(insert MAIN product or process title here)​will surely help you break through the barriers that have been holding you back from ​(insert topic / aim /goal).

Add it all together and the value is quite overwhelming… over ​(Product + All of Bonuses Price)​and even at that price, this is a total bargain.

However, just by clicking the rectangular button below that says ​(“Add to Cart” / “Register Now” / “Get Started Now” / Button Name)​right now, you’ll get the system for just ​(insert price)​.

Here’s what will happen the moment you click the rectangular button.

First, you’ll be taken to our 100% secure checkout page ​(which looks like this):

[Optional Screenshot of checkout page]

Once you’ve completed your transaction, we’ll take you to the Members Download Center where you can download the entire program (if you’ve chosen the downloadable version). ​(If applicable; if you are shipping product but have online bonuses available, mention the download page. If everything is shipped, leave this part out).

Remember: You’ve been struggling to ​(insert topic / aim /goal) ​for far too long… [Twist the knife]

Yet, simply by choosing to take action today and following the strategies taught in (Insert Product)​,everything will surely change for the better.

[Future pace client/student reaching their goals.]

How it will feel when ________________ ​(show them the good future)

You are free, at peace, knowing _______________________ ​(show them how they’ll

feel in the future, what they’ll think and say to themselves).

To do all I can to help, I’ve lowered the price of ​(Insert Product)​for you by ​(insert percentage)​… just so you can get in today.

But, eventually, I’m going to have to increase the price back to retail, where it deserves to be.

So you must act now before I have to do that. It may be today, tomorrow, or in a few weeks.

Take advantage of this limited­time offer, while you still can…

CLICK the Rectangular shaped ​(“Add to Cart” / “Register Now” / “Get Started Now” / Button Name)​button below right now, and let’s get you started today!

**************************************************************************************************** Use this section for “strategy session” call to action ****************************************************************************************************

Here’s how the process works:

We will be focused on a specific and custom tailored strategy and execution plan to help you solve the ​(number)​biggest problems that most ​(insert audience / niche / “accountants”)​face:

  • Insert Problem #1
  • Insert Problem #2
  • Insert Problem #3

This​(insert topic / aim /goal) ​strategy session will take ​(insert approximate time for session; usually 30­45 minutes)​and you will be speaking with me personally ​(or a expert member of my team, if applicable)​.

I’ll be helping you identify ​what you’ve already got/where you’re at​and helping you put together a strategy to ​(main benefit).

I typically work with X types of (insert​ audience / niche / “businesses”):

  • Insert industry/niche and/or qualification #1
  • Insert industry/niche and/or qualification #2
  • Insert industry/niche and/or qualification #3

So who is this not for? ​(This is where you weed out people who are not qualified)

Well, this is not for:

  • Insert disqualifier #1
  • Insert disqualifier #2
  • Insert disqualifier #3
  • Insert disqualifier #4
  • Insert disqualifier #5

Now, knowing that we’re a good fit is crucial because I like to get ALL of my clients results and work with them for the long term and to do that I need them to ​(insert goal; “get new clients”)​as quickly as possible.

And the truth is, there are some people who I can not help and if that’s the case, I will be 100% upfront with you and suggest somebody else or an alternative.

I’m only looking for those who are a good fit and who I am certain I can get results for.

The first step is to complete an application for a private strategy session below and this application is necessary to determine:

  1. That I can help you and I’m the best person to help you generate those results.
  1. That you’re ready to step up, commit, take action and do the required work to (insert goal)

On the next page, you’ll be able to schedule a time with me, and once I receive your application, I’ll solidify your Strategy Session in my calendar.

On the call, this is where we’ll really start working together to figure out what you want and how to make it happen in the fastest time possible and with predictability.

And then at the end of the call, 1 or 2 things will happen…

You’ll either be a fit and I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients. Or if it’s not a good fit, that’s totally ok too. There will be no hard feelings or obligations or anything of that sort.

Either way, you will receive an insanely valuable strategy session and will walk away with newfound clarity as to where you are right now and what’s holding you back from achieving the results that you want.

That ­ together with the exact next steps necessary to take action and break through your barriers.

It will likely be the most valuable ​Xminutes​you invest in ​(insert topic / aim /goal) ​this year.

So go ahead and complete your application now and we will see if we’re a good fit for working together.

I am willing to spend 1­on­1 time needed in order to provide you with results and to see if I can help you further as I only work with clients who I know with certainty and conviction that I can generate them results and a return on their investment.

Out of every 100 that apply, I can’t dare get on the phone with all of them right now and generally only work with ​Xclients (e.g. 5­7)​at a time and right now, ​almost X (e.g. “half”) ​of those spots are currently filled up and I’m looking to fill the last few as quickly as possible.

So with that being said, please understand that this window of opportunity won’t be available for long and what I have found is those who have the ability to make decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get results and most likely to become my best clients and we crush it together for years to come.

So if you feel like this is right for you, go ahead and apply right now to see if you qualify and then go ahead and follow the instructions on the next page.

Talk with you soon.